Antique Roadshow

Antique Roadshow for Antique Hunters

Originally broadcasted in the UKsince 1977, the television show of Antique Roadshow has been widely spread around the world. More and more countries have been adopting the TV show and adjusting it to local issues.

The Public Broadcasting Service, for example, provides the PBS Antiques Roadshow full episodes in the US for Americans. What is more, the BBC is in charge of publishing a monthly magazine discussing antiquity.

For those who prefer internet streaming, they can watch Antiques Roadshow online.

Regardless the media, each episode of Antique Roadshow is recorded in different locations and mostly discusses different items.

Antique Roadshow by PBS

antique roadshowThe American Public Broadcasting Service made the American version of Antique Roadshow in 1997. Chris Jussel, Dan Elias, Lara Spencer, and Mark L. Walberg have been respectively hosting the TV show from 1997 until 2000s.

Notable appraisers, such as Leigh Keno, Leslie Keno, Rudy Franchi, Gary Sohmers, and many more, have been on the team along these years.

How can people get to the show? The official website of the show provides the ticket forms, from which people can get free tickets.

Those who are luckily selected on random basis can come and bring their antique items to the show.

Then, the general appraisers give tickets and categorize each item of antiquity to specific appraisers who evaluate the authenticity and approximate value of each item.

On each PBS Antique Roadshow, the 8 am to 5 pm ticketing can march a lot of people into the roadshow. The PBS Antiques Roadshow schedule in 2012 will be in the cities of Boston, Myrtle Beach, Rapid City, Cincinnati, Corpus Christi, and Seattle. The citizens of the cities may take the advantage of predicting the value of antiques items in their possessions from the Antique Roadshow.

Antique Roadshow around the World

The US is only one out of other countries adapting the Antique Roadshow from the UK. Australia started to produce its own version of Antiques Roadshow in 2005. The CBC broadcasted the Canadian Antique Roadshow premiere in January 2005. Finland produced its Finnish roadshow, Antiikkia, since 1997.

There are even various versions of such antique show, such as Kunst und Krempel (Art and Junk), Lieb & teuer (Near & Dear), Kitsch oder Kunst? (Kitsch or Art?), and Echt antik?! (Genuinely Antique?!), in Germany since 1985. People in Netherlands have Tussen Kunst & Kitsch (Between Art & Kitsch) even since 1984. In Sweden, Antikrundan has magnetized its own viewers since August 1989.

Each country airs a little bit different show from its original Antique Roadshow, with some slights variations, but the focus is still on antique items (Also see: Antique Roadshow Schedule).

Antique Roadshow for Antiquing

Antique Roadshow can be a very valuable TV show for antiques hunters. They may find the show helpful in identifying, shopping, bargaining, or negotiating on an antique. The antique appraisal of an item can really tell these people on what they have to do.

Trailing down the antiques to the owner or simply going to antique stores can be the next step after having enough knowledge on the item. Of the entire end, Antique Roadshow can be the start.

Online Auctions Antiques

Internet is a media that is really supportive for attaining many people’s need. Internet can be found to cover a lot of things.

It is not just information supply that we are able to reach from the internet, but there are also a lot of products which we are able to buy with the access of internet.

The products which are available online are in many varieties including food, furniture, vehicle, electronics, and many others.

There are also many antique products which we are able to get from the internet. With the innovation of internet, we can just easily buy products from any where we are since internet connection can be reached from many places.

Even, a lot of people have internet connection in their house. Well, for making purchase of antique product in online stores, there are lots of online auctions that you can reach by accessing internet.

Many websites offer online auctions antiques that offer a lot of antique products. The varieties of product that are offered for auction are varied from antique vehicles, antique books, antique furniture, etc.

You will also get opportunities to get antique art works such as antique paintings, antique statues, and many others.

This is nice opportunity that you can achieve for gaining antique stuff. From online auction, you will also be capable of reaching antique products with lower prices. You can make bid in online auction from home.

The process of auction can be done through online access. And when you get a product, you can just make the payment from your place as well since there is online transfer for it.

This process of purchase is very easy and fast. Immediately, you will get the product to be delivered to your place. This is also great opportunity to get antique stuff for your collection. Besides, you will get it cheap to buy antique stuff from online auction.

Moreover, it is easy to find many auction websites that provide antique products for a bid. However, before you join the bid, you need to make sure that the website is reliable for it.

You can see the quality from the appearance of the website. In addition, you also need to search for the rule and procedure in the auction that is offered in a website.

Reliable auction websites should cover all the information about the procedure and process of the auction so that bidder can know exactly how to reach the product in an online auction antiques.



3 Important Things About Cheap Antiques

Cheap Antiques. Some people consider that antique is an interesting thing that they can use for their house. As a result, it is not surprising if there are some people who willing to collect a lot of rare antiques in their house. In fact, the existence of cheap antiques can still be found until now.

When you visit antiques shop, you will find that the seller provides you with cheap price of antique. Even though the price is not expensive, this item is still considered as an antique if it has been used for a long time. In that case, the meaning of antique is an old item which is beautiful and has unique shape.

There are several things that you have to know about antique. By knowing those things, you will be able to choose the best antique for your house.

First, you must see the appearance of the antique. Do not see the price first. Indeed, you may feel interest and plan to buy it if the price is not expensive.

However, you have to remember that the antique should be valuable enough to be used for your house. The value of the antique can be seen through its unique shape which is different than other. This kind of feature is easily found in old furniture which has old design. There is no one who creates that type of design again because it has old fashion.

Second, you have to know about the age of the object that you buy. Sometimes you may encounter an antique which is 100 years old or maybe more. That kind of antique sometimes will be sold with cheap price.

However, the price can be very expensive if many people like with that thing, for example car, furniture, and many more.

Third, you have to know the detail of art in the object that you buy. Do not buy antique because you want to collect it only.

You have to know what the most interesting thing in that antique is so that it becomes awesome. If you know the strength of your antique, you will be able to take a good care of that antique in an instant. After you buy the antique, make sure you take a good care of it.

Since it has lived for a long time, there is a chance that the antique is fragile. If you do something carelessly, the antique will break in no time.

Tips in Choosing Antique Glass

If you plan to buy antique to add the number of collection in your house, you can try to buy antique glass.

Some people believe that antique glass is easy to be considered as valuable thing. Why? Glass is unlike other antiques. It is hard to make beautiful object through glass. Only professional people with special talent can make this kind of antique.

For that reason, you should not be surprised if you see the price of the antique glass is crazily expensive. There are so many people who want to buy it though. When you go to the auction hall, you will see that the moderator show you this antique.

Here you can find useful tips about the way to choose antique glass correctly.

First, you have to know that the value of the antique glass can be seen through is shape. If the object is created accurately with awesome shape, the price will definitely very expensive. There are so many shapes that you can choose, such as animal shape, furniture shape, and many more.

Some people prefer to choose animal shape of antique glass, meanwhile some other prefer furniture shape. It does not matter which one you choose but make sure you buy the unique one. You will be able to feel which one is the best when you seeing it.

Second, do not buy common antique glass. Indeed, there are so many options of antiques that you can choose, but choosing the one that has been bought by other people will make you feel uneasy. One word that you have to remember when buying glass antique is “Rare”.

By remembering this word, you will always choose the antique which is different than others. Imagine that you buy glass antique with horse shape in it, and then you find this type of antique in your friend’s house. What is the meaning of buying the same antique with your friend?

Third, you have to be ready with a lot of budget, especially if you plan to buy the rarest antique in auction hall. There is a chance that other people are willing to buy that product with expensive price. The price of the rare antique can achieve 500 dollars or more, especially if it is glass antique.

The price will become crazy as long as people dare to increase the cost of the furniture. The real price of antique glass which is started from 100 dollars can increased until 400 dollars in fact.

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